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Second Step in Risk Assessment Process – Analyzing the Information

Various techniques are available to identify risk. Once you identify risks you are exposure to, you must begin analyzing that information. This step can be accomplished through a variety of tools and methods. But, at the core, this is a step that means predicting the maximum and expected financial loss associated with each identified risk.

Once this process is complete it will help you to form the parameters of the risk management process. Remember risk exploitation strategies can also be used to enter new markets, introduce new product, merge with or acquire another firm. Putting a focus on risk will serve you well as you grow.

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Six Ways Technology Firms can Benefit from Risk Assessments

Taken all together, a full risk assessment paints a powerful picture of what risks the company faces. There are six main benefits to properly approaching risk assessments. They include:

  1. Highlights significant or material risks using a structured and audible process.
  2. Identifies risk interdependencies and clusters.
  3. Establishes baseline financial estimates of probable loss utilizing a variety of actuarial and financial modeling methods.
  4. Assists in setting operational contingency plans to reduce the impact of catastrophic loss.
  5. Establishes a new and more comprehensive risk management discipline within the firm.
  6. Identifies possible strategic competitive advantages.

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