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Speaker Guidelines & Proposal

Conference Speaker Information & Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in speaking at a TechAssure Conference. TechAssure represents some the best minds in the insurance industry and our conferences are well regarded for the high-level of education they offer and the extensive sharing of best practices in the technology risk space.

If you are interested or know of someone who will be interested in speaking at a TechAssure conference, please read the following guidelines and submit a proposal.

Quality of Presentations

The average TechAssure member processes an advanced level of knowledge with regards to risk management for technology, life sciences, clean tech, venture capital and related risks. With few exceptions, we rarely provide basic or entry-level education at our conferences.
Most sessions last 30-45 minutes and a wide-variety of formats are used (see below). In all cases, presentations that focus on providing education, case studies, real-life claims or examples and practical takeaways are what TechAssure members expect. See the notes on “product pitches” below. We encourage presenters to share best practices and offer information that is not easily found via self-study or other educational events.

TechAssure can assist in the creation and/or review of session ideas to make sure the topic is well aligned and suitable for our conferences.

Presentations Formats and Style

TechAssure prefers formats that are collaborative (peer discussions, panel, fireside chat, etc.) in nature. If the topic is one that is more conducive to classroom style learning, we are agreeable to that approach provided it meets the quality and requirements outlined here. Sales/product pitch presentations are expressly discouraged.

All presentations are typically made available for member download once the conference has concluded. We ask that speakers gain permission to release slides and any other information at a session, e.g. handouts or other promotional material. All slides and materials are subject to approval by TechAssure prior to the conference. Any new content added or day-of-event slides may or may not be used.

Attendees expect the content to be advanced and unbiased. Our association was formed to create a forum for the sharing of best practices and to improve the business conditions for brokers focused in technology risk management. Members do not expect vendors to offer one-sided, product-focused presentations.

Speakers will be featured in TechAssure’s mobile event app. We ask that you complete a brief profile and upload headshot photo, session details, etc. Other mobile app features may be offered depending on the format of your presentation.

 Where to Send Speaker Proposals

Session outlines and event information will be posted on our TechAssure Events page. We have also developed a submission form to facilitate and expedite your speaker or panel proposal. A new submission is not required for each event.

Conflicts of Interest & Legal

As stated above, we request permission to distribute the materials/slides form your presentation to attendees after the event. You should also be aware that TechAssure conferences are often attended by a wide-variety of industry professionals. If you have a conflict of interest in a product or service, we ask that you declare it. You are not automatically excluded from the discussion, but your relationship to the product or service must be disclosed and acknowledged.

A Note on Sales Pitches

TechAssure members are exceptionally well informed when it comes to technology-related risks, but they are also excellent salespeople. They know sales pitches when they get close to one. Attempts to pitch a particular product or service go over exceedingly poorly. Attendees expect quality content that is relevant and credible. Speaking at a TechAssure event is a fantastic way to build brand awareness for you and your organization. It is also a chance to network with agency principals and senior-level producers (decision-makers). The speakers that fail to offer genuine value and focus solely on “selling” themselves miss out on the positive outcomes that can occur otherwise.

Submit Speaker Proposal

If the above is agreeable, TechAssure would absolutely welcome your speaker submission. TechAssure is a unique group that is fun, educated, engaged, committed and influential. The conferences are fun, fast-paced educational events that bring together the best minds in the technology risk ecosystem. We look forward to you joining us!

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