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TechAssure Adds Three New Member Firms

TechAssure has named three new brokerages as new members effective immediately. The three new firms named are: G2 Insurance in San Francisco, CA, AXIS Group in Vancouver, British Columbia and Cothrom Risk and Insurance Services in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. All three firms were selected for their commitment and dedication to serving middle-market companies in the technology, life science, clean tech and venture capital/private equity industries, in addition to helping companies manage complex cyber risks.

“Adding three new members is a testament to how TechAssure can help unite brokers that specialize in technology-related industries,” said TechAssure Executive Director, Garrett Droege. “AXIS, Cothrom and G2 have all demonstrated the right risk management skills and commitment to high service standards that all TechAssure members uphold and value.”

To be considered for membership, brokerages must demonstrate a high level of technical ability in complex insurance program design, as well as the ability to share best practices and IP for the benefit of moving the association and its members forward. As the number of independent, niche-focused brokerages diminishes due to M&A, TechAssure members offer a unique and powerful solution for companies with companies with technology-related risks – particularly in the middle-market which is often overlooked and underserviced by large, institutional brokerages. G2, AXIS and Cothrom have all met the rigorous membership standards and broaden TechAssure’s reach and service into new technology hubs around the world.


TechAssure Adds New Member Firm to Represent Central & South America

TechAssure has named RISKGROUP Argentina as a new member effective immediately. Based in Buenos Aires, RISKGROUP Argentina is a leading insurance brokerage in South America that specializes in assisting large and mid-sized businesses in the technology, life sciences and clean technology/energy industries with their complex insurance programs.

In addition, RISKGROUP Argentina brings their existing relationships from the LARS Latin American Risk Services Network into the association. LARS is a multi-national network of the leading brokers in Central and South America and, like TechAssure, places high importance on broker consistency and compliance to ensure global insurance program integrity.

“Argentina is one of the fastest emerging regions for technology-related businesses,” said TechAssure Executive Director, Garrett Droege. “RISKGROUP Argentina and their affiliated partners in LARS bring tremendous value and expertise for our global membership base to assist their clients with exposures in the region.”

RISKGROUP Argentina is committed to managing the comprehensive risks of their clients in the innovation economy, including data breach and cyber liability, D&O, E&O and more.  Partner, Marcelo Rodriguez, added “Joining TechAssure allows us to bring new capabilities into the region to better serve clients with complex technology-related risks.  By networking and collaborating with the leading tech risk brokers in the industry, our clients will continue to receive the most advanced insurance advice and consultation available.”


TechAssure, la asociación internacional sin fines de lucro encargada de seguros y experta en administración de riesgos relacionados a la tecnología, ha nombrado a RiskGroup Argentina como un nuevo miembro. Dicho nombramiento será efectivo de inmediato. Con sus oficinas en Buenos Aires, RiskGroup Argentina es un broker de seguros líder en Latinoamérica que se especializa en asistir a las empresas en lo que respecta a riesgos de tecnología e industrias de energía renovable y sus complejos programas de seguros.

Adicionalmente, RiskGroup Argentina aporta su relación existente con la red multinacional de brokers líderes de América Central y América del Sur conocida como LARS Latin American Risk Services. Esta red le otorga gran importancia a la consistencia y conformidad entre todos sus miembros para asegurar la integridad de los programas globales de seguros.

“Argentina es una de las regiones que está emergiendo más rápidamente en lo que respecta a negocios relacionados con la tecnología,” dijo el Director Ejecutivo de TechAssure, Garrett Droege. “RiskGroup Argentina y sus socios en LARS Latin American Risk Services aportan muchísimo valor agregado y experiencia para que nuestra base global de miembros puedan asistir a sus clientes con riesgos en la región.” 

RiskGroup Argentina está comprometido a la gestión holística de los riesgos de sus clientes que operan en la economía de la innovación, incluyendo violación de datos y responsabilidad cibernética, D&O, E&O y más. Su Presidente, Marcelo Rodríguez, añadió: “Unirnos a TechAssure nos permite incorporar nuevas capacidades a la región para poder asistir mejor a los clientes con riesgos complejos relacionados a la tecnología. Al incorporarnos a redes como TechAssure y colaborar con los brokers líderes en la industria de la tecnología, nuestros clientes amplían el asesoramiento y el servicio más avanzado disponible en materia de seguros.”


TechAssure Announces New Industry Partnership with InsurTech Startup Indio

 TechAssure, the international nonprofit association of insurance and risk management experts for technology-related risks, has announced a new partnership with InsurTech company Indio. TechAssure members will gain access to Indio’s market leading software – designed to improve the client experience by eliminating redundancies, streamlining applications, and improving client/carrier communications. Read More


TechAssure Earns Insurance Business Award for Network of the Year

Insurance Business America Network of the Year TechAssure

Chicago, IL, November 29, 2017 – TechAssure Association was named Network/Alliance of the Year by Insurance Business America Magazine (IBA) at an awards gala held at the iconic Chicago Navy Pier. Nominees for this award included trade associations with fewer than 100 members. Accepting the award on behalf of TechAssure, Executive Director Garrett Droege noted that TechAssure’s commitment to innovation and the next generation of brokers was likely a factor in the selection process. Read More


Is Spoofing Covered Under Crime or Cyber Insurance?

 Headlines practically write themselves these days. A company was duped into sending money to some unidentified party, be it hacker collective or nation-state or individual. Spear-phishing is not a new technique in the cyber war. In fact, it’s one of the oldest criminal techniques on the internet. Seems like only yesterday that we were all being told that a wealthy Nigerian Prince had decided to give us his fortune; all that was required was our bank account and routing info.

These days, the attacks are far less obvious (apologies to those of you that fell for the Nigerian 419 Scam) and far more nefarious. Spear-phishing attacks have become so sophisticated that even large Fortune 1000 companies are falling for them. The model is simple: find a way to impersonate a company executive and fool an employee into wiring money into an offshore account.  Read More