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Our members are able to provide exclusive benchmarking data that quantifies and qualifies insurance program coverage and costs.
Our members have helped design the most cutting edge products, programs & pricing structures in the industry for technology-related risks.
Our members are located all over the globe and assist other members with coverage placements, program design and collective IP-sharing.

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  • Why TechAssure

    TechAssure is an elite group of insurance brokers that have all demonstrated an advanced expertise in designing insurance and risk management programs for companies that have technology-related exposures. TechAssure members are well known throughout the industry as thought-leaders and are routinely asked to help design programs for some of the most complex companies in the world. Contact a member to learn about the exclusive products, programs & pricing arrangements that are exclusively available through TechAssure.

  • Key Advantages

    TechAssure members represent over $1B in written premiums and rank among the largest networks of insurance brokers in the world. As such, we’ve been able to design exclusive products, programs & pricing for our members to provide their clients. Our global network can also design insurance programs anywhere in the world. In addition, we’ve developed tools, such as our benchmarking database, which allow our members to offer clients more value and make better purchasing decisions.

  • Become a Member

    TechAssure members are carefully selected, making sure that only the most knowledgeable and best-in-class brokers are  allowed to join. If you represent an insurance brokerage/agency that focuses on technology, life science, venture capital, clean teach and/or cyber risks – contact us today.

TechAssure Members